Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm featured in Origin Magazine's "Leaders Who Inspire" Series!

Just a quick thank you to conscious lifestyle publication, Origin Magazine, for featuring me in their 'Leaders Who Inspire' Series. It's pretty awesome to be included in such badass company as's Bob Weisenberg and Femvolution leader and incredible DJ, Melissa Hall, a.k.a Alia.

You can still pick up your copy at Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Sprouts and other fine health stores.

Here's what I had to say (since the writing is a little small):

I'm inspired by courage in the face of fear; foundry-pushing artistic expression; women with appetite; men who are brave enough to cry; the power of prayer; and my fianc√©.

I work with people in the arenas of sexuality, desire and orgasm. I am also an actress, writer and recovering anorexic.

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