Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Carburetor Man (written March 2009)

Photo from the music video 'Born to Die,' by Lana Del Rey

Mixed tape blastin’ over busted speakers
Me and my carburetor man rumble down the road
He thrusts the pedal hard to the floor
A one-two-three-four pump
Gets my engine revved up
(Fuel injection is for lazy pussies
Addicted to cruise control and automatics)
Take a firm grip
On a sleek stick
And let’s shift gears
Rolling over lush peaks
Or just idling at a drive-in
Squeezed in the backseat
Black vinyl sticking to my thighs
Hershey lips caressing my face
Make me feel like I’m sixteen again
And in the stroke of a finger
We’re back on I-95
Soaring over that sweet ravine

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