Wednesday, August 21, 2013

69 Vlogs. 69 Days #69: The End? Plus, Gratitude & Lessons Learned

Wow. Thank you everyone who contributed to my fundraising campaign. We raised $5797 in 5 weeks! It's a great start and I know I can create something gorgeous with the money.

I have my photo shoot with Sequoia Emmanuelle in September and will be busy writing/editing during October and November. During that time, I will post pictures and updates as the book comes to life.

I plan on doing more live events/workshops in the coming months to help add to my final Indiegogo total.

If you feel called to contribute financially and didn't have a chance during the campaign, you can Paypal me at candice (at) theorgasmiclife (dot) com. Just make a note that it is a book contribution and mark the donation as a "gift."

Again, thank you so much for an incredible 5 weeks. I can't wait to share the book with you all!


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