Wednesday, August 7, 2013

69 Vlogs. 69 Days #48: Complaint or Dance with Desire?

Jet-lagged. Tired. Complain-y.

That about sums up how I was feeling last night as I crawled into bed, exhausted, but couldn’t sleep. I flipped through the TV channels. Some god-awful, real-life drama show following a court case. News channels that have nothing to report except how awful society is.

Then I landed on Comedy Central. Ahhhh, Stephen Colbert. An electrifying voice of reason in an otherwise mind-numbing world.

He was standing in the center of his complaint: Daft Punk, who had been to appear on his show and play their hit song “Get Lucky,” cancelled at the last minute due to an exclusivity deal with MTV.

He was clearly peeved. He’d been preparing this particular show for weeks and even secured a sponsorship deal with Hyundai based upon a promised appearance of the reclusive electronic duo.

Then Colbert shifted. His complaint transitioned to desire. He wanted to play the “song of the summer” for his audience, with or without Daft Punk.

The result is nothing less than absolute joy.

Actors, TV personalities and politicians joined him in his dance for a celebration that lifted my spirits and turned my complaint into a dance of desire.

Underneath every complaint is a desire. And when we are in our desire, our purest expression of orgasm (aka the life force that births every moment) spills out and we do the world a great service by sharing our love.

So: complaint or dance with desire. The choice is yours.

See Colbert’s Dance here:

Colbert Dances to Daft Punk's Get Lucky by daftworld

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