Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Legend of the South Seas (written 5/3/2009)

Venice Beach, CA. Photo Copyright Candice Holdorf

Legend of the South Seas
(written 5/3/2009)

My heart hums in a secret volcano
Hidden patiently dormant
Midway between Helena and Espiritu Santo
Teetering on the tip of tectonic bliss

A loner by nature
(She never fit in with Pangea)
She calls the ring of fire

Enigmatic magma rumbles
Beneath her crest
Luring worthy sailors
To slip onto her shores

Map-less, they must brave her currents
(No easy sextant for celestial navigation)
Caressing her whispering zephyrs
Riding her blistering squalls

‘Til they wash up famished
On her full, wet sands
Igniting her belly ablaze
Swollen earth morphs to enveloping lava

And in unrivaled eruptions
(Pele is so jealous!)
Impassioned ashes descend
Searing skin-to-skin, soul-to-soul

Immortalizing their bodies
In cinder-splendor
A pacific monument
To her tempestuous love 

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